5 Tips for Preventing Social Media Burnout

Making the decision to add social media to your marketing plan was a good one. There’s no question that it’s a smart, cost-efficient method for creating awareness, attracting a loyal following, building a solid customer base and boosting sales. Businesses everywhere are quick to attest to its success. But now that you’ve jumped into the social media pool with both feet, how do you keep from getting overwhelmed by the added responsibility of … [Read more...]

Set Up Shop on Facebook

Did you know that you can set up a tab with a storefront on Facebook? I came across an article about it yesterday while doing some research. It's pretty cool. You can read the article here: "Social Commerce with Facebook Stores" Three Popular Facebook Store Options By Laura Lake, About.com Guide If you want to skip the article and go right to the Facebook profiles with the store examples, they're here: StyleQ Store Aleratec Store Of course, this … [Read more...]

What happened to my blog???

I had good intentions of keeping this blog up-to-date as I have so much information to share. So, why did I only post once in April? Because I have fallen for Twitter. After the first few weeks of Twitter (in January) I was ready to give up. Now, I have 200 followers and new people are following me each day. And it's kind of fun. I've connected with several other virtual assistants and we share tips and tricks with each other and share them with … [Read more...]