5 Tips for Preventing Social Media Burnout

Making the decision to add social media to your marketing plan was a good one. There’s no question that it’s a smart, cost-efficient method for creating awareness, attracting a loyal following, building a solid customer base and boosting sales. Businesses everywhere are quick to attest to its success. But now that you’ve jumped into the social media pool with both feet, how do you keep from getting overwhelmed by the added responsibility of … [Read more...]

Avoid Twitter Spam

Are you getting a lot of spam from Twitter? If so, then you may want to check out TrueTwit. TrueTwit is a validation service for Twitter. If you decide to use it, keep in mind that this will create an extra step for people who want to follow you. However, those who are truly interested in receiving your Tweets won't mind the validation process. It's another good way to keep the robots from getting into your inbox. … [Read more...]

Constant Contact’s New Template Picker Rocks!

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Firefox 4 Beta Includes “App Tabs”

Nice Job Firefox! … [Read more...]

Internet Speed Test

How FAST is your Internet? I am VERY happy to say (er, type) that my Internet is super fast now -- well, it's fast for a DSL connection. Since we cut our land-line a few weeks ago, I am now enjoying (and I mean ENJOYING) a download speed of 9-10 mb/s and an approximate upload speed of 1 mp/s. Now, I can upload/download/blog/schedule appointments/make VOIP calls/surf/research like never before. My speed prior to cutting the landline was turtle … [Read more...]